Portland May Follow Rusted, Busted, Detroit

Will Portland eventually follow Detroit into bankruptcy? Moody’s is re-examining Portland for a possible downgrade due to Portland’s $453 million in unfunded pension debt and unfunded liabilities of $2.3 billion for its police and firefighters pension and disability plan.


Multnomah County’s Wapato Jail Remains Dark and Unused

With the 13th anniversary of Wapato’s completion fast approaching, current county officials, like those who preceded them, are left wondering what to do with a mothballed facility that costs taxpayers between $300,000 and $400,000 a year to maintain. That means the county has spent about $4.5 million since Wapato was completed to keep it safely in mothballs. It’s been so long since the project was launched, in fact, that all of the bonds sold to finance the jail will be paid off by 2016 – possibly before it has ever housed a single inmate.”The core issue is that a prior county board, in an ill-advised move, decided to build this facility when it wasn’t clear that it was needed or that we could afford to operate it,” board Chairman Jeff Cogen said.”Unfortunately, both turned out to be true.”

School apologizes after gender identity talk in art class

EUGENE, Ore. – Derek Grafton didn’t expect his 6th-grade daughter would be discussing gender identity in art class.

“I was honestly appalled,” he said of the “Genderbread Person” poster in his daughter’s class at Meadowview School in the Bethel School District. “I’m not taking issue with the message, whether we as a a family agree with that information or not, that’s a different debate. My concern was how the information was presented.”
Grafton’s daughter told him that another student asked about the poster, and that the teacher then engaged students in a long conversation about gender identity.
“I believe it’s my wife and my job to teach morals, ethics and values based on what’s important to our family, and I feel the school betrayed that,” he said.
The school district said that the poster – intended for training teachers, not students – was put up mistakenly.
“It’s a device used in professional development to help staff understand gender identity and their roles and ensure that every student that walks through the class feels safe and valued by everyone else in that classroom,” said Colt Gill, the district’s superintendent.

Newberg mill closing, leaving 200 workers jobless before holidays

Add this to the already 5,000 jobs lost this year in the Portland-Metro area will make the ripple effects come this
Christmas season not so merry. NEWBERG, Ore. — For more than 100 years the paper mill in Newberg has provided jobs and operated as a staple in the community. But come next month, things are changing.”We’re going from a very good job to having no jobs at all,” said Scott Mead. He has worked at the paper mill, running the boilers, for more than 20 years.
Mead said he received word on Thursday that the paper mill would shut down indefinitely at the middle of November. The move will leave roughly 210 workers without jobs right before the holidays. We can thank Our Oregon Legislature for their Anti-Business Legislation this last session. What will it take for You to VOTE for a change??

Do You Work For Moda?

Moda expected $82.5 Million from Federal Government but only received a fraction. Health insurers will receive less than 13 percent of the money owed them under a federal program designed to protect against uncertainty during the first three years of health reform. That prospect hits Portland’s Moda Health especially hard. Moda Health had expected to receive $82.5 million, but now will receive only $10.4 million. To put that in perspective, the $82.5 million is 68 percent of the $122 million in total capital it reported in 2014. Its loss for the year was $4.3 million. Will MODA be the next Oregon company to fold due to Government incompetance?

Will 2016 be the year of Republicans in Oregon?

By Representative Bill Post: I saw someone say”the Democrats will be stretched thin this year” due to primary campaigns and the many open seats due to some running for other office or retiring. Of course the”good money” would be on Republicans losing in &#14516 due to a Presidential year, but I believe Oregon has had enough. Enough of anti business, anti agriculture and anti gun legislation (among many other things) and that combined with the open seats and nasty primaries to come, Oregon may finally see some purple!

Portland-Metro Area Unemployment Worse Than You Are Told

With the most Anti-Business Legislation we have had in Oregon’s history we saw the effects almost as soon as the session was over. The Standard Insurance Company located in downtown Portland is re-locating laying off 3,000 employees. Capital One Credit Card call center in Tigard is closing laying off 1,000 employees. Haggen to close 5 Portland grocery stores, and cut 331 employees. Just to name a few. One women was so distraught when given her walking papers at The Standard that after her shift she went to the top of The Standard building and jumped off committing suicide.

What is Oregons AG Ellen Rosenblum and Human Rights Campaign Together For?

“I’m still grinning ear-to-ear about the historic Supreme Court decision to expand the freedom to marry to all Americans. The Human Rights Campaign dinner this past weekend was quite the celebration! As your Attorney General, you can count on me to stand up for the civil rights of all Oregonians. There is still much work to be done to ensure real equality.”
Terrance Bean, the 66 year-old co-founder of Human Rights Campaign and who served on its board until recently, seems to have been quietly removed. Apparently, Mr. Bean’s arrest and indictment last November on two felony charges of sodomy and a misdemeanor count of sexual abuse of a 15 year old boy doesn’t look so good for the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. Time to Thrive was a conference held at the Portland Hilton, February 13th -15th and hosted by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), which is the largest homosexual lobby group in the country. The conference was sponsored by the National Education Association (NEA), American Counseling Association, Oregon Education Association (OEA), California Teachers Association, California Federation of Teachers, Washington Education Association, Gender Spectrum, National LGBTQ Task Force and more.

Oregons Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, Child Prostitution, & BackPage.Com

Dateline April 29th, 2015. Our Thanks To Dan Tilkin KOIN 6 News for staying on this story for the last three years. PORTLAND, Ore. KOIN 6 — When Ellen Rosenblum was running for Oregon Attorney General three years ago, stopping human sex trafficking was a cornerstone of her campaign. At that time, she delivered a speech to the Washington County Democrats. In April 2015, Rosenblum – who recently announced she will run for re-election — was the keynote speaker at a crime victim’s forum and talked about the issue. Rosenblum was promising to crack down on child sex traficking but at the same time she has a link – through her husband Richard Meeker (Willamette Week owner) – to a website accused of being a primary conduit for human trafficking, www.backpage.com The City of Portland joined a lawsuit against www.backpage.com, which argues the site knowingly promotes sex trafficking. Rosenblum declined to talk with KOIN 6 News about her connection to www.backpage.com When asked about www.backpage.com, she said,”I don’t know anything about what you’re talking about.” When KOIN 6 News pointed out www.backpage.com has ads Rosenblum is trying to eliminate, she said,”I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t click on my husband’s website.” But she is fully aware of the ads on Backpage. In October 2014, she signed a letter from the National Association of Attorneys General urging Congress to pass the SAVE Act — Stop Advertising Victims of Exploitation — which aims to help in the”eradication of human trafficking.” The letter specifically talks about how”websites such as www.backpage.com has created virtual brothels where children are bought and sold using euphemistic labels such as &#145escorts.’” Patricia Barrera has spent years working with women in Portland to get them out of prostitution.”We have a woman (Rosenblum) in a significant position in the state claiming ignorance in what her husband is involved in? That’s a problem for me,” Patricia Barrera said.
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The Oregonian is reporting a $1.7B PERS Cost Increase Next Year!!

The Oregonian is reporting a $1.7B PERS cost increase next year for two reasons – the actuary is anticipating less returns and has re-calculated longevity of retirees; and then the other factor being the State Supreme Court overturning legislative attempts at reforms. But other non-PERS hits are coming to the budget too. Our Oregon, the campaign arm of the public employee unions simply wants to raise taxes, believing we should tax our way out of this. With nearly $70 BILLION in all-funds, I think our problem lies in overspending and poor budgetary management on the part of the executive branch, and over-promising by legislative leadership to groups that fund their campaigns. Any way you slice it, we have real problems going into the 2017-19 biennium, and my opponent does not seem very interested in taking practical steps to fixing the problems. Remember this when the North Clackamas School District hits you up for a $100,000 Million Dollar Bond in November 2016!!