Saxton,55, (Oregon School Chief) Receives over $300,000 retirement “because I can”

Oregon schools chief Rob Saxton is likely to receive $300,000 a year or more after he retires this summer to begin his new role as superintendent of an education service district. Saxton, 55, said he accepted the new job because he wants to work more directly with students. He said he is officially retiring to start getting his public employee pension — and limiting his work in the new $161,000 job to part time to keep the pension flowing — “because I can.” The ESD will pay him $197,000 — $161,000 in salary and $36,000 toward a tax-deferred annuity — each of the two years in his contract. (Not coincidentally, $36,000 is the amount the the ESD will avoid having to pay PERS for its $161,000-a-year superintendent because PERS will consider Saxton already retired.)….html


Seaside Sex Conference Not Appropriate for AdolescenceTonight 11 PM KOIN 6

SEASIDE, Ore. (KOIN 6) — The Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference has been taking place for more than 20 years. But after a KOIN 6 News investigation in 2014, questions arose about the content provided to the teens and tweens in attendance. The Oregon Department of Education now admits the pamphlets were”not appropriate for school age students,” but the overall presentations were OK. Rob Saxton with the Oregon Department of Education sent a letter to school superintendents about the conference. A copy was provided to KOIN 6 News by one superintendent:…riate