Giving Our Only Parking Lot In Downtown Milwaukie To Metro Was A Mistake

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Rep. Tomei HD 41 Endorsed by Washington, DC. Freethought Equality PAC as No. One Atheist in America!!

Rep. Carolyn Tomei, who attracted national attention for not saying "God" in the Pledge of Allegiance earlier this year, picked up an endorsement Tuesday from a Washington, DC PAC called The Freethought Equality PAC for being the Number One Atheist Legislator in America. Tomei has taken an oath of office nine times in her political career, but never taken the oath on the Bible or said "so help me God." She often invites poets, singers and non-religious speakers to give the opening invocation of House floor sessions. Towards the end of the 2013 session, Tomei gave the invocation by leading a singalong of "You Are My Sunshine." The PAC selected Tomei based on her voting record, answers to a questionnaire and personal relationships some in the organization have with Tomei.…37582