Un-Elected Governor Brown Undermining Rights of Parents

Governor Brown has put herself in charge of Oregon’s Education System and Oregon’s healthcare network: the Oregon Health Authority. As a result of this double take-over, there is a Triple Threat to our children and their families. That threat includes the Network of School Based Health Centers (SBHCs); the grades K-12 Comprehensive Sexuality Education Standards that the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) promotes; and the Annual Adolescent Sexuality Conference in Seaside (ASC). And what makes this Triple Threat even more unreasonable is that the governor is using our money to pay for it! I believe that if School Boards, School Administration/Staff and parents were actually asked to make the choice to spend millions of public dollars on SBHCs, Sexuality Education, and the Adolescent Sexuality Conference, or to spend those dollars on the Education which we expect and which our children need and deserve, that the choice would overwhelmingly be for the latter!


Mom Questions Spin Doctors’ Salaries While School Funding’s Tight

PORTLAND, Ore. – KATU’s On Your Side Investigators have discovered Portland Public Schools spends a half-million dollars on spin doctors – staff members in communications and lobbying positions. Meanwhile, schools have struggled with overcrowded classrooms. Below is the annual salary information on five employees in PPS’s community involvement and public affairs department:
Chief of Communications and Public Affairs: $124,500
Director, Government Relations – $98,047
Sr. Manager/Community & Staff Engagement – $82,197
Sr. Manager/Community & Staff Engagement – $82,197
Manager/ School News & Social Media – $71,534
Here’s how the annual salary totals for their communications departments stack up:
Portland Public Schools – $458,475

What is the ‘Healthy Teen Survey’ and Why You Should Care

The Healthy Teen Survey is a survey administered by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to 8th and 11the graders in most school districts across the state every other year. The OHA claims there is a strong relationship between health and learning…an undeniable fact. The mantra “healthy kids learn better” is used by the OHA and the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) to justify some extremely invasive programs. The survey is one of the vehicles used to support and rationalize interference in what used to be designated as “private family issues”.
The survey contains 165 intrusive questions for 11th graders and 149 questions for 8th graders. These questions include: frequency of sexual intercourse, gender identity (gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, something else), school-based health centers, parental reactions, suicide, how often the student eats carrots and potatoes in a week, with whom has the student had sexual contact (males; females; females and males), how often the student visits a convenience store in a week, does the student have unmet physical, emotional or mental needs, does the student use prescription drugs (Oxycotin, Percocet, Vicodin, Codeine, Adderall, Ritalin or Xanax) without a doctor’s prescription, does the student have a cavity, does the student receive free or reduced lunch, what type of vehicle does the student’s family drive, what is your zip code and more. Apparently, all of these questions are deemed necessary and developmentally appropriate by the OHA and ODE.


Be warned, the biggest violators of parental rights are those who support and pass Oregon legislation that caters to the above listed entities giving them greater access to our children. All of organizations listed above are working side-by-side with many of the legislators to hi-jack parental rights and turn them over to our minor children so they can direct their own health care needs. These are children in whom the decision making portion of the brain will not be fully developed until they are around 25 years old.
While the process of government separating you from your child has been underway for decades, the passage of the Affordable Care Act has accelerated the intrusion into what used to be referred to as “private families matters”. The time frame to begin meddling in the relationship between parent and child unofficially begins when the child is 12 years old…according to the PCPCI. But look to the following entities who are already embedded in the public school system and have begun the process of proselytizing to your child beginning in kindergarten: The Oregon Department of Education (ODE); Oregon Health Authority (OHA); Planned Parenthood; Basic Rights Oregon; Cascade Aids Project; Working to Institutionalize Sex Education (WISE grant money from the Grove Foundation).

What is ‘Time to Thrive’ and Who is Terrance Bean?

Terrance Bean, the 66 year-old co-founder of HRC and who served on its board until recently, seems to have been quietly removed. Apparently, Mr. Bean’s arrest and indictment last November on two felony charges of sodomy and a misdemeanor count of sexual abuse of a 15 year old boy doesn’t look so good for the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. Time to Thrive was a conference held at the Portland Hilton, February 13th -15th and hosted by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), which is the largest homosexual lobby group in the country. The conference was sponsored by the National Education Association (NEA), American Counseling Association, Oregon Education Association (OEA), California Teachers Association, California Federation of Teachers, Washington Education Association, Gender Spectrum, National LGBTQ Task Force and more.

Multnomah County Syphillis Outbreak

Syphilis was all but wiped out around 2000.
Now it’s finding a second life, particularly in Multnomah County. In 2008, there were just 20 cases of syphilis reported in the area. Five years later, that number jumped to 239 a 200% increase. Come On Portland We Can be the City in America for Syphilis infections. It’s easy, if a man has syphilis it presents as a dime size “chancre”, a raised, demarcated, festering pustule on his penis. This can not be missed. The pus is pungent, and malodorous. If the chancre occurs inside an orifice and is not visible. Then the only sensation would be that of thrusting your penis against sand paper. For every person that contracts syphilis they almost All end up with HIV also.


Saxton,55, (Oregon School Chief) Receives over $300,000 retirement “because I can”

Oregon schools chief Rob Saxton is likely to receive $300,000 a year or more after he retires this summer to begin his new role as superintendent of an education service district. Saxton, 55, said he accepted the new job because he wants to work more directly with students. He said he is officially retiring to start getting his public employee pension — and limiting his work in the new $161,000 job to part time to keep the pension flowing — “because I can.” The ESD will pay him $197,000 — $161,000 in salary and $36,000 toward a tax-deferred annuity — each of the two years in his contract. (Not coincidentally, $36,000 is the amount the the ESD will avoid having to pay PERS for its $161,000-a-year superintendent because PERS will consider Saxton already retired.)


Oregon Progressives are at it again, they admit to underfunding K-12 education. Why you ask, so they can take away your “Kicker” using the reason of “we need to fund education”, when in reality it’s “we want to tax you more”. Oregonians are tired of these games!

Oregon Schools Chief Rob Saxton Resigns

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – Oregon schools chief Rob Saxton says he’s leaving for another job at the end of June.
Former Gov. John Kitzhaber chose Saxton in July 2012 to head public schools. BEFORE THEN, IT WAS AN ELECTED POSITION. The men sought to begin an ambitious plan to significantly increase the number of students who get a college degree. Saxton’s departure comes less than two months after Kitzhaber resigned. Saxton said in a letter to state Department of Education employees that he’s accepted a two-year contract to become superintendent of the Northwest Regional Education Service District.


By Daylight Disinfectant:“Keep on the lookout for where whiteness shows up, share that information with colleagues,..” warns Kim Feicke in a recent email to Portland teachers. Feicke is a highly paid”Diversity Consultant” for the Portland Public School System. Dateline Monday March 16, 2015: Recently an unnamed source sent me the following redacted email warning teachers to watch out for whiteness: From: Kim Feicke <feicke@edequityoregon.com>
Subject: Finding Detours: Feicke”works” (and I use the word in it’s loosest form) for the Oregon Center for Educational Equity (OCEE), a private company providing training for Portland teachers. They are raking in the big bucks. Teachers travel to the Village Green Resort and stay overnight for several days for the firm’s training sessions. This is a five star resort on 17 Acres which includes themed gardens. Kim Feicke Oregon Center for Educational Equity
503-788-3500 www.edequityoregon.com