North Clackamas School District Wants $433 Million Dollars-Vote NO Measure 3-487

Oregon Schools already receive $400,000 per class room. The NCSD12 asked for a $200 Million Bond in 1996 & 2006. Which cost me an additional $565 per year on my property taxes. Now, NCSD12 is asking for $433 Million which will be an additional $1250 on my property taxes for the next ten years. Then they will ask again only for more. I am all for funding education but my pockets are not that deep. I think $400,000 per class room is enough. Besides most of the money is going to a second high school in Happy Valley. I think it is time to split NCSD12 into Two School Districts. Ours being from the river up to 82nd Avenue and make a new school district from 82nd Ave. to Estacada and let Happy Valley pay for all their new fancy schools.


Oregon Should Education Dollars Go To Health Care??

Milwaukie High School has a School Based Health Care Center (SBHCS). Our Law Makers want a SBHCS in Every Middle School and High School in Oregon. If a child is that sick I would prefer the school call the parent first. If a family member can not break away from work to pick up their child then how about a public-private agreement where the school takes the child across the street to an Urgent Care clinic? Does this make sense? If so then Vote No on Measure 3-487. The money is going for a second High School in Happy Valley anyway.