Oregon gets an F on holding Officials Accountable

There is a lot of talk, by the Governor and others, but no action. At the very least, we need enhanced protection for whistleblowers, reform of of public records law and the ability for state officials to be impeached. We should not ever be accepting of an F grade for government accountability and ethics. Trust is the foundation of a Constitutional Republic.



My step Dad was an aircraft mechanic in WWII. He lied about his age and joined the Navy at 17 after his two older brothers had perished at sea when their battle ships were sunk. This picture
was the crew he was on to keep One Corsair Flying. Remember
the sacrifices that are parents and grandparents gave for Our Freedom on this Veterans Day.

Local Teamsters Face Deep Pension Cuts

If You think this is Bad, then you should know that TriMet has nearly One Billion Dollars $$$ in Unfunded Pension and Health Care Liabilities. Over 400,000 Teamsters who have their pension funds managed by Central States Pension Fund could see some deep cuts. Workers received letters this week indicating they will see a reduction in their funds. Pension fund managers said the cuts are necessary because there is now only one teamster paying into the fund for every five retirees. Without the changes, the fund will be out of money in ten years. Just like PERS here in Oregon.


Be warned, the biggest violators of parental rights are those who support and pass Oregon legislation that caters to the above listed entities giving them greater access to our children. All of organizations listed above are working side-by-side with many of the legislators to hi-jack parental rights and turn them over to our minor children so they can direct their own health care needs. These are children in whom the decision making portion of the brain will not be fully developed until they are around 25 years old.
While the process of government separating you from your child has been underway for decades, the passage of the Affordable Care Act has accelerated the intrusion into what used to be referred to as “private families matters”. The time frame to begin meddling in the relationship between parent and child unofficially begins when the child is 12 years old…according to the PCPCI. But look to the following entities who are already embedded in the public school system and have begun the process of proselytizing to your child beginning in kindergarten: The Oregon Department of Education (ODE); Oregon Health Authority (OHA); Planned Parenthood; Basic Rights Oregon; Cascade Aids Project; Working to Institutionalize Sex Education (WISE grant money from the Grove Foundation).

Eugene 4J School District Draft Policy for Serving Trans-Gender Students

The Eugene 4J School District has prepared a 22- page draft policy (April 10, 2015) for serving gender nonconforming students. The policy defines bullying and harassment, restroom accessibility, locker room accessibility, sex education, participation in athletics and much more. As indicated in the ‘draft policy’ under “Locker Room Accessibility” …”A student shall not be required to use a locker room that is incongruent with the students gender identity”. If this is true, then according to the draft policy, a transgender boy may use the girls locker room, and conversely, a transgender girl may use the boys locker room. I wonder, does bulling and harassment fall under the guidelines for those girls and boys who are not transgender? Are their rights and safety issues being violated under this policy? Yes, of course they are! We urge concerned parents and guardians to contact Superintendent Gustavo Balderas at the Eugene 4J School District. You may call the superintendent at 541-790-7707 or email him at balderas_g@4j.lane.edu and register your displeasure with the proposed policy.

Oregon Eugene Terrance Bean Has Sodomy & Rape Charges Droped

Eugene, Or. – The sex abuse trial of prominent Portland gay activist, Co-founder of Human Rights Campaign, and Democratic fundraiser Terry Bean began at 9:30 this morning in Eugene. A judge today dismissed the case without prejudice because the now 17 year old victim who was 15 at the time refused to testify. Bean and his ex boyfriend are accused of having sex with the boy in a Eugene hotel room two years ago. Bean faced two felony counts of sodomy and a misdemeanor count of sex abuse. Prosecutors will not proceed with the case for the time being. They don’t won’t to force the teen to testify against his will. There are no plans to move forward with prosecuting this case in the near future. How much do you think this boy got paid?

Oregon Health Authority Breaks The Law

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — “Oregon allowing 15-year-olds to get state-subsidized sex-change operations. Without Parents knowledge or approval” How can this be if our socialist legislatures just passed HB2307 which prohibits mental health care professionals and social health professionals from providing any service to a person under 18 years of age for the purpose of attempting to change their sexual orientation or gender identity (conversion therapy).

What is Oregons AG Ellen Rosenblum and Human Rights Campaign Together For?

“I’m still grinning ear-to-ear about the historic Supreme Court decision to expand the freedom to marry to all Americans. The Human Rights Campaign dinner this past weekend was quite the celebration! As your Attorney General, you can count on me to stand up for the civil rights of all Oregonians. There is still much work to be done to ensure real equality.”
Terrance Bean, the 66 year-old co-founder of Human Rights Campaign and who served on its board until recently, seems to have been quietly removed. Apparently, Mr. Bean’s arrest and indictment last November on two felony charges of sodomy and a misdemeanor count of sexual abuse of a 15 year old boy doesn’t look so good for the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. Time to Thrive was a conference held at the Portland Hilton, February 13th -15th and hosted by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), which is the largest homosexual lobby group in the country. The conference was sponsored by the National Education Association (NEA), American Counseling Association, Oregon Education Association (OEA), California Teachers Association, California Federation of Teachers, Washington Education Association, Gender Spectrum, National LGBTQ Task Force and more.

Oregons Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, Child Prostitution, & BackPage.Com

Dateline April 29th, 2015. Our Thanks To Dan Tilkin KOIN 6 News for staying on this story for the last three years. PORTLAND, Ore. KOIN 6 — When Ellen Rosenblum was running for Oregon Attorney General three years ago, stopping human sex trafficking was a cornerstone of her campaign. At that time, she delivered a speech to the Washington County Democrats. In April 2015, Rosenblum – who recently announced she will run for re-election — was the keynote speaker at a crime victim’s forum and talked about the issue. Rosenblum was promising to crack down on child sex traficking but at the same time she has a link – through her husband Richard Meeker (Willamette Week owner) – to a website accused of being a primary conduit for human trafficking, www.backpage.com The City of Portland joined a lawsuit against www.backpage.com, which argues the site knowingly promotes sex trafficking. Rosenblum declined to talk with KOIN 6 News about her connection to www.backpage.com When asked about www.backpage.com, she said,”I don’t know anything about what you’re talking about.” When KOIN 6 News pointed out www.backpage.com has ads Rosenblum is trying to eliminate, she said,”I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t click on my husband’s website.” But she is fully aware of the ads on Backpage. In October 2014, she signed a letter from the National Association of Attorneys General urging Congress to pass the SAVE Act — Stop Advertising Victims of Exploitation — which aims to help in the”eradication of human trafficking.” The letter specifically talks about how”websites such as www.backpage.com has created virtual brothels where children are bought and sold using euphemistic labels such as &#145escorts.’” Patricia Barrera has spent years working with women in Portland to get them out of prostitution.”We have a woman (Rosenblum) in a significant position in the state claiming ignorance in what her husband is involved in? That’s a problem for me,” Patricia Barrera said.
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Oregon Health Authority Breaks The Law

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — “Oregon allowing 15-year-olds to get state-subsidized sex-change operations” How can this be if our socialist legislatures just passed HB2307 which prohibits mental health care professionals and social health professionals from providing any service to a person under 18 years of age for the purpose of attempting to change their sexual orientation or gender identity (conversion therapy).