Tim McMenamin is the Only Candidate that is On The Record!!

This is what the Fight Big Money Oregon campaign is all about. Ensuring that constituents like yourself interact directly with the candidates running to represent you, and making them be specific about how they will work to get big money out of politics. Start typing your address below, then select it from the autocomplete dropdown.


Meet & Greet this Saturday 2 PM at Papaccino’s Coffee House & Cereal Bar on 44th & Woodstock

Saturday 7-18-14 from 2-3 PM at Papaccinos 4411 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, Oregon 97206.
Saturday … stop awhile at this Woodstock coffee favorite..chat with Me.. bring your walking shoes if you want to walk the neighborhood after the walk.

Thank You To Otto’s Sausage Kitchen for supplying the hot dogs at Eastmorelands Parade!!

A smoke house is now illegal in Oregon. I did not know that. Otto’s is one of the few left in Our State being grandfathered in! In 1890, a sausage maker was born named Otto Eichentopf. Little did he know what was going to transpire in 120 years and that five generations later the small family business that he started would still be going strong and be nationally known today. Presently, Otto’s is run with the presence of three generations, Jerry and Gretchen, their three daughters Heidi, Christie, and Bereka, along with Heidi’s husband Justin and children Tanner and Kyrstin. Each person takes an active role in the daily activities at Otto’s. They strive to make each customer feel as if they have walked into a family deli where the customer can relax and get personal attention.